New Generic Domain launch phases

Instructions on registration procedures!

Of the over 1,400 new generic domains requested from ICANN, there are over 800 extensions that anyone is free to register.
In particular, to register a new generic domain, you will need to comply with some specific launch phases that trigger the release of extensions.

Sunrise, Landrush and GoLive

The launch of a domain first tends to privilege those who have a registered trademark and is intent on protecting it.
For this purpose, the first launching phase, Sunrise, is expected to last for at least 30 days, during which only the owners of a registered trademark that has previously been validated at the TradeMark Clearinghouse can participate.
In most cases, two or more identical requests will be settled by an auction between the contenders.
Otherwise, they may be processed on a first come, first served basis.

The Sunrise may follow a particular opening period for the public, however, characterized by a higher price than the normal annual registration.
This stage is called Landrush and generally, in this case, two or more requests for the same domain name will be auctioned.

The last stage, GoLive, or General Availability, is where the domain is actually open to the public.
Registration take place on a first come, first served basis.
In some cases, during the very first opening days, it is possible to register a domain at a higher price, which decreases as the days go by.
This period is called Early Access Program or EAP.

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