Anycast DNS

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The DNS (Domain Name System) is the framework for each domain-based network and basically translates every domain name host (e.g. into an IP address or other useful information to devices that ask it questions.

A robust, scalable and distributed DNS infrastructure is essential for making sure that every request to the domain name is handled correctly and quickly for each type of user.

Dominiando offers the best technology available on the market in two alternative products, customized to fit every single need: one is already included in every service offered, and the other is optional and by request.

The Multicast infrastructure has the major benefits of a distribution in 3 continents and the support of all the most widely used records in addition to pure IPV6 support for specific Internet-related needs of things.

The Anycast system, in addition to the Multicast features, extends the response speed and scalability of the platform by means of an intelligent user addressing system, always at the geographic node's nearest network node. Support for ANAME technology also reduces the response rate for CNAME records, making use of these records more profitable. 

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Anycast DNS

Extends the response speed, for a website that is always reachable from anywhere in the world!
149 € / year
(VAT not included)

DNS features

Multicast DNS Anycast DNS
Physically distributed system
Geographically distributed system
Geographic presence Europe, Asia, USA Europe, Asia, Americas, Oceania
Anycast Technology
Operating nodes 4 18
# authoritative nameservers 4 3
Resolution on nearest node
Pure IPV6 support
RFC compatible
Control panel h24
Single panel for all domains
Propagation time changes between nodes 5 seconds 3 seconds
CNAME support
ANAME support
A record support
AAAA record support  (IPV6)
TXT record support (SPF, DKIM, etc.)
SRV record support
NS record support
MX record support
TTL modification support
302 support redirect
frame redirect support
Page redirect support
Setup fee free free
Price / year included in all services* 149 € + VAT

* Management of zone is only possible with URL/DNS redirect service activated.

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